Libbey Heavy Base Rocks Glass Set

Drinkware has evolved over the years to offer consumers different designs to suit various purposes. Every momentous occasion, big or small, can use a reliable glass set.

A good set of drinking glasses can go a long way in adding elegance to your kitchen or bar and enhancing your drinking experience.

When it comes to a good rocks glass, you want it to have a solid base, be short and stout, and have the capacity to hold 6-8oz of liquid. Given the components of a quality set, we've determined that the Libbey Heavy Base Rocks Glass Set is a must-have for those who want to add a more refined aesthetic to their glass drinkware collection.

About Libbey, Incorporated

Libbey, Inc. was initially called the New England Glass Company, founded in 1818 by Amos Binney, Deming Jarves, Daniel Hastings, and Edmund Munroe. In 1878, after the company took a different direction, the original founders gave it over to William L. Libbey, who became the director.

His son, Edward Drummond Libbey, would inherit the company in 1888, move it to Toledo, Ohio, and change its name to The Libbey Glass Company in 1892.

At this time, Libbey was one of the first glassware companies to utilize the steam engine during their glass production. In Northwest Ohio, the area was rich with an abundance of natural gas resources, and there was access to large, high-quality sand deposits.

Additionally, Toledo hosted a vast steamship and railroad line network, making it the perfect destination for the company to continue to compete in the glassware business. Due to its huge success and continually evolving and manufacturing pressed and blown glass products with elegant etches and designs, Toledo became known as "Glass City.” The rest was history!

Maintaining its status as the number one glass company within the Americas, Libbey, Inc has always taken the steps and strides to produce the absolute finest glassware available. If you've ever encountered a high-quality drinking glass, it's quite likely that you've already acquainted yourself with Libbey.

The Libbey workers believe that all of life's special moments are worth celebrating, and they create sleek and elegant drinkware that rises to the occasion. Libbey, Inc is a prestigious glassware company that leads the way when it comes to innovative technology that continues to impress and set new standards of quality for the world.

The history and focus of the company have always been growth and expansion. The assembled team of experts at the company have consistently responded to consumer preference of US-made glasses that have high brilliance, superior clarity, and immense durability. This company has and continues to be an integral part of American history.

Libbey manufactures all of its glassware sets in the USA, and they offer a variety of other glass set sizes and styles for different functions. State-of-the-art technology and outstanding dedication to consumer satisfaction make Libbey one of the top glassware production companies in the USA and the world.

What We Like Best

  • Versatile rocks glass set that you can use for both formal and casual occasions
  • Solid base that makes the glass feel sturdy
  • Holds 11oz of liquid
  • Feels heavy and stable in hand but is light on your lips
  • Lead-free
  • Exceptional shipping practices that keep glasses intact during transport
  • Excellent glass clarity
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Extremely durable, difficult to knock over thanks to the dense base

You won't have to worry about easily knocking over your glass when using Libbey Heavy Base Rocks Glass Set. The thick sidewalls and short, stout glass structure make it sturdy and reliable when sat on a flat surface. The glass is easy to grip, and though it feels solid when you pick it up, it doesn't weigh your lips down when drinking.

Another added benefit to the heavy base is its functionality. When it comes to rock glasses, you want to make sure you have a robust, durable glass that will stand up to processes such as muddling ingredients.

Muddling is when you crush sugars, fruits, and herbs together to draw out certain flavors and mix them with the alcohol. For this to be successful, the glass base has to be thick and have thick sidewalls to withstand the pressure.

This versatile glass is excellent for a night out with friends or a business meeting. The classic design also features lead-free, easy to clean glass that you can safely place in the dishwasher.

When it's time to bring out the glasses to commemorate a special moment, Libbey rocks glasses are the way to go. They'll set the tone and deliver an unforgettable experience.

Libbey Heavy Base Rocks Glass Set was named one of our picks for the Best Glassware Made in the USA

What We Wish Was Different

  • There may be some inconsistency with the shape of the glasses
  • Some users have stated that the glasses are slightly smaller than they expected

It was a rare occurrence that the glass's shape was off, but we thought it necessary to mention nonetheless. It would be best if you inspected your glasses upon receipt to ensure that everything is uniform as it should be.

Aside from this, some customers stated that the glasses were a little smaller than they were expecting, but still high quality, at an excellent price. Assumedly it's the thick base that may give the illusion of the glass being a little bigger than it actually is. However, this has not affected the performance of the rocks glasses or hindered their extremely high and durable quality.

Wrapping up

Choosing Libbey glassware for your leisure entertainment functions is really a no-brainer. You can't go wrong with their products because they have set the standard of excellence with their glassware, dating back over 200 years.

If you need drinkware that will allow each drink to shine on its own, you must consider the Libbey Heavy Base Rocks Glass Set for sure. It serves as a complement to the drink and adds the finishing touches to your special moment.

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