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Libbey Irish Coffee Mugs Review

Irish coffee mugs have a certain appeal, whether you’re drinking Irish coffee or not. With their sleek looks and sturdy design, Libbey Irish coffee mugs might be the perfect addition to your glassware collection.

However, you shouldn’t mistake these mugs for delicate stemware—there’s more to the design than meets the eye. Here, we’ll look at the company and its origins, plus explain what we like and don’t like about its Irish coffee mugs.

About Libbey Irish Coffee Mugs

Libbey is a global glassware brand with origins harking from 1818 Massachusetts. These days, the company is centered in Ohio and officially goes by The Libbey Glass Company. The current location in Toledo, OH, is now known as “Glass City,” due in part to its abundance of natural gas and high-quality sand. Today, Libbey maintains a reputation for producing high-quality stemware and other products in an American plant in Toledo.

Among its milestones are the production of the first electric light bulbs, the development of machine-blown glass tumblers, and the patenting of one-piece press and blow stemware. By 1975, the company also moved on to create the largest machine-made stemware anywhere in the world.

While you won’t find the designs in their Irish coffee mugs, Libbey also creates marbelique glassware with a unique look. The company is responsible for plenty of technological improvements to the glassmaking process, too.

For example, the company created computer-controlled blowing machines for manufacturing stemware. It also pioneered the first computer simulation for hot glass forming processes. Basically, the technology allowed engineers to test new designs virtually to perfect the process before starting on production.

With a few different acquisitions over the years—including smaller companies with stemware and tableware—Libbey continues to grow and innovate. Of course, the innovations behind Libbey glass mugs are evident when you look at their Irish coffee mugs.

What We Like Best

  • Special heat-treated glass for maximum durability
  • Nice thick and weighty feel
  • Insulated well for long-term heating
  • Wide stable base

Our favorite thing about Libbey Irish coffee mugs is the look. The shape, including the wide base, makes your coffee or tea-drinking experience feel ultra-fancy. At the same time, durable tempered glass means you can use these mugs for daily use without worrying about breakage.

The stable base also helps make these your go-to cups for coffee or tea any time of day. Of course, the 10.5-ounce capacity is ideal for your evening sipping, but it’s also suitable for anyone wanting to enjoy smaller glasses at a time. Another bonus of the narrow base is that you can store these glasses alongside your other stemware on a special rack.

Overall, the perks of tempered glass include exceptional toughness and resistance to both temperature changes and falls. Even in the dishwasher or microwave, top-quality Libbey glass resists damage. Easy cleaning is another highlight, with no cracks or chips to worry about even while using the dishwasher.

The heft of the glasses in your hand also indicates their toughness. You’ll also notice excellent insulation properties with this thick, reinforced material. The fact that the mugs are taller than they are wide can help preserve heat, too—a narrower opening means less warmth can escape.

Libbey Irish Coffee Mugs were named one of our picks for the Best Coffee Mugs

What We Don't Like

  • No color differences limits your style options

Our only complaint about Libbey Irish coffee mugs is the lack of color options. While the crystal-clear glass offers a high-end coffee drinking experience, we can’t help but want a bit of variation for different events or maybe separate beverages.

Since we know Libbey manufactures multi-colored glassware, it’s a bit of a disappointment. Still, the lack of style options is a minor complaint overall.

Of course, the lower capacity of these cups may be a drawback for some consumers. At 10.5 ounces, you may not have much room for foam on top of your latte. That said, 10.5 ounces is an ample serving of coffee or tea for most.


Libbey Mugs

Whether you have a craving for an Irish coffee or want to have your tea or latte in a fancy cup, Libbey delivers. The company’s Irish coffee mugs are an excellent option for maintaining the warmth of your beverage without sacrificing style.

Ultra-tough tempered glass helps reduce worries over breakage, making the glasses a worthy choice for both special events and everyday use. Store them alongside your other stemware or pop them into the coffee mug cabinet for an upgraded sipping experience without a high price tag.

You can find Libbey Irish coffee mugs on Amazon in sets of four. Note that styles may vary depending on Libbey’s changes to their options—so take note before ordering if you want a specific design.

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