Lifetime Leather Field Notes Wallet

A timeless design with burnished and waxed edges for a premium and professional finish, the American made leather field notes wallet is more than just a classic wallet.

It's a wallet with a purpose, keeping your identification papers, driver’s license, credit cards, jotted down directions, phone numbers, as well as cash, close at hand whenever you might need them. Its polished leather finish adds a touch of class to whatever you're doing,

About the Lifetime Leather Co.

Handcrafting authentic American leather products right here in the United States, the Lifetime Leather Co. is a wholly-owned family business. Their products are guaranteed for life.

The family business had a unique start. On a day during the Christmas season, Ty Brown, the Lifetime Leather Co. founder, was riding home with a relative when they spotted a discarded leather couch. An idea suddenly struck him to salvage the leather and use it for family Christmas gifts like wallets, toiletry bags, purses, and passport cases.

Ty Brown had some knowledge of leather crafting through his reading of instructional books. It turns out that a tragic accident paralyzed him three years ago, and since then, he often read both motivational and instruction manuals to keep his spirits up and to pass the time.

Reusing the leather was especially thrilling because Ty Brown had no money at the time and was desperate to give gifts that were memorable and of high quality. Everyone loved their gifts so much that something finally clicked, and a new business idea was born.

From that humble start with one disposable couch, the Lifetime Leather Co. has grown to include a full line of high quality and fashionable lifestyle accessories that are timeless and can be easily personalized. Everything made by the Lifetime Leather Co. is carefully handcrafted in their Arizona workshop, employing American workers as their small but loyal team.

What We Like Best

  • Personalization on the front with your name or initials
  • Select your own firebrand design
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Beautiful handcrafted genuine full-grain leather
  • Includes a Genuine Field Notes Journal & Zebra Pen
  • Thoughtful design: 3 tiered card slots, 3 sleeves, and 2 hidden pockets
  • Holds passport, as well as international declaration forms and boarding passes
  • Useful pen/pencil loop

With its extremely thoughtful design - this is not just a wallet. It has 3 tiered slots and fits up to 15 cards in its 3 card sleeves, and 2 hidden pockets. Each can be adjusted to fit whatever meets your needs and tastes. You can place cash in one sleeve or hidden pocket, and use the additional sleeves for your field notes or passport, receipts, or boarding passes.

Made with traveling in mind, the Lifetime Leather Field Notes Wallet dimensions are perfect for holding your passport, boarding pass, and international declarations form. When closed, it is 6.25" x 3.75" x .5," and when fully open, it is 6.25" x 8." It always remains slim for quick access and easy carry in your pocket or bag.
In addition to the field notes journal itself, the wallet comes with thoughtfully designed features like an actual pen/pencil loop and various sleeves that easily and securely store cards or cash. Customers rave about opening the box and being immediately flooded with fresh leather’s wonderful aroma that testifies to its genuine quality.

The personalized brand embossing is a fan favorite. You can personalize the front of the wallet with your name, initials, or even a personal acronym. You can also select your own fire branded design like a compass. It makes it a high quality and memorable gift.
It comes in four gorgeous colors: Buck Brown, Natural Russet, Oxford Brown, and Oxford Black.
Understandably, this is not a cheap product, but the highest quality genuine full-grain leather keeps the wallet durable and looking better as time goes on. There is no doubt that each wallet is handcrafted, as evident in their personalization and branding.

This product will last your lifetime and will be convenient and accessible for all your travels and adventures. It could even evolve into a treasured family heirloom. The lifetime warranty makes that a guarantee and not just a possibility.

The Lifetime Leather Field Notes Wallet was named one of our picks for the Best American Made Wallets

What We Don't Like

  • You can choose passport or field notes journal - not both
  • Tight fit for credit cards
  • Pen/pencil loop fits only Zebra pen
  • Pricey

The idea of carrying your passport, as well as your jotted down notes, makes more sense than having to pick between the two. What happens if you need to jot down brief notes, directions, a phone number, or even a gate number? Not allowing for both items seems a definitive design limitation. Understandably, the wallet is already a larger size than the regular men's wallet, and anything bigger will lose its portability.

As the old adage goes, you can’t please everyone. The loop is only for thin pens like the Zebra pen, and the wallet itself won’t hold more than a very thin notebook - nothing larger than 50 pages. The entire wallet cannot be hand-stitched, so the glued pieces may begin to separate. Luckily, there is a lifetime guarantee.

Wrapping Up

Lifetime Leather Field Notes WalletSince 2011, it's been the Lifetime Leather Co’s goal to provide quality leather goods that last a lifetime. They believe in their craftsmanship, materials, and designs so strongly that they warranty the wallet against defects in materials and workmanship for life.

Incredibly, the company started out making handcrafted family gifts after salvaging the leather from an old discarded couch. Now, the Lifetime Leather Co. is a well known and respected brand, making a full line of high-quality handcrafted leather products in their Arizona workshop. With its superior craftsmanship, the Lifetime Leather Field Wallet is sure not to disappoint.

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