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Lifetime Leather Rivet Wallet

We recommend checking out the Lifetime Leather Company if you are looking for high-quality and affordable leather wallets. We will be reviewing their Rivet Wallet, which we consider one of the best leather wallets you can buy.

Lifetime Leather Co. is a family-owned American company that produces hand-made leather products with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. The Rivet Wallet is just one of the great products made in their Arizona facility.

If you are looking for a unique, minimalist wallet with an eye-catching design, the Rivet Wallet is certainly worth checking out.

About Lifetime Leather Co.

The Lifetime Leather Company operates out of Arizona. It manufactures high-quality leather products made from all American materials. They design all of their products to serve buyers far longer than what you might expect for the price.

Lifetime Leather creates a variety of products at their workshop, from quality tanned hides. The small and talented group of artisans employed by the company produce all of these products by hand.

The website for the company does a great job showcasing aspects of the manufacturing process. All of the production steps, outside of tanning, are done in-house, and they are so confident in their technique that they offer a lifetime repair-or-replace warranty on their work.

The Lifetime Leather Company has a very interesting backstory, as well. It was founded in 2011 by Ty Bowman, and it remains a family-owned business.

In 2004, Ty Bowman suffered a zip-line accident that left him disabled and unable to walk for three years. During his recovery, he learned the art of leatherworking and made gifts for family and friends.

Disillusioned by an increasingly-disposable world and armed with his new-found expertise in leatherwork, Ty decided to start a company focusing on producing products able to outlast their buyers. This was the start of Lifetime, and this is the tradition that they continue to this day.

Lifetime Leather offers a wide variety of products. While we will be reviewing one of their wallets below - the Rivet Wallet - it is worth noting that they make bags, purses, belts, travel accessories, and a host of other items.

You can find products for yourself or gifts for loved ones from this company, and their leather products can be used daily and still last a long time due to superior workmanship. They also offer same-day shipping and excellent customer service.

Let's take a look at what makes one of Lifetime Leather's most popular products one of our top choices. Here, we will dive into further details about the Rivet Wallet.

What We Like Best

  • Minimalist design
  • Embellished look
  • Lightweight
  • Surprisingly large storage space
  • Personalizable

The Rivet Wallet was named one of our picks for the best wallets due to its quality, unique design, affordable price, and lifetime guarantee.

This wallet is a great choice for those who are not fans of larger, bulkier, more-traditional wallets. It will not hold the same amount of cash and cards as a larger wallet, but this is likely not a concern if you are interested in minimalist wallets.

It is, however, not the most minimal wallet you can buy. The oversized rivets along the generous overlapping leather sides give this wallet a nice feel in your hands and help it stand out from other similar designs.

The rivets are made from stainless steel and offer a fun alternative to stitching. Similar in concept to the rivets seen on jeans, this is a solid construction method to help the wallet live up to the company's guarantee.

Lifetime offers an excellent selection of finishes to this product, and they do a great job with their distressed looks. You can also order the wallet personalized to you. If you want an accessory that stands out while maintaining a slim profile, the Rivet Wallet will meet your needs.

We were surprised how much room this wallet has for storage too. While it is minimal in design, it can still hold up to seven cards and some cash, so you do not need to necessarily get down to the bare minimum to make this wallet work.

The Rivet Wallet receives tremendously-positive online reviews. People rave about what a great gift it makes, about how nicely it fits in any pocket, and about its overall quality. While Lifetime makes a lot of great products, their Rivet Wallet truly stands out.

Finally, you will not have to break the bank to get this wallet. Lifetime has priced this wallet very competitively, so you can have a high-quality product shipped directly to you for a price similar to poorer-quality products.

The Lifetime Leather Co. Rivet Wallet was named one of our picks for the best American made wallets on the market today.

What We Don't Love

  • Lack of color options
  • Lack of center divider

We were a little surprised that Lifetime does not offer a variety of dyed leathers for the Rivet Wallet. More color options would be a better catch.

The different textured finishes available on their website offer buyers some variety; however, other manufacturers offer more fun pattern or color options. With this wallet’s interesting design and large rivets, this wallet has the potential to come in creative varieties.

The Rivet Wallet also does not contain a center divider. Though the company did design it to be a minimal wallet, a divider could be handy for many users who want to have the basic ability to organize the items in their wallets.

Wrapping Up

The Lifetime Leather Co. Rivet Wallet is sure to be a favorite amongst those looking for a minimal wallet with a unique design. The build quality is top-notch, and this wallet can fit in just about any pocket without being obtrusive.

Due to the lifetime guarantee and affordable price, the Rivet Wallet is a great choice for those looking for a nice gift for special occasions or as a small treat for themselves. It is an excellent example of the all-American company's unique and durable work.

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