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Louisville Pottery Collection 14-Oz Mug

Sometimes, a stoneware mug is just what you need to enjoy a warming beverage—no matter the season. To that end, the Louisville Pottery Collection mug is an excellent option. The thick mugs are traditional stoneware with a handcrafted touch—and you can find more than cups in the Louisville collection.

From the origins of the parent company, Stoneware & Co., to what we like (and don’t) about the 14-ounce mug, here’s what you need to know.

About Louisville Pottery Collection

The Louisville Pottery Collection is available as part of Stoneware & Co.’s offerings. The company has roots in Kentucky and has produced clay products since 1815. Originally, the stoneware company concentrated on “functional art forms” for your home, kitchen, and garden.

Of course, that extended to tableware sets, utilitarian mugs that maintain a sense of style, and all the earthenware you need for dining, drinking, and more. From designs for special occasions to everyday classics, there’s something for everyone. And, it’s all made in the USA and to your specifications.

Today, the company still provides factory tours for visitors to explore their clay process. Visitors can even paint their own stoneware and have all the pieces shipped to them after firing. Of course, you can also shop online from Stoneware & Co.’s store and have your stoneware products arrive at your doorstep.

Even if you skip the in-person painting process, you can still customize your order. As you shop, you can choose from multiple patterns and color schemes. Each component is made to order by Kentucky craftspeople in the local factory.

While the Louisville Pottery Collection isn’t the only option at Stoneware & Co., we favor the simple cylinder designs of these mugs and the two-toned color scheme. Seasonal, gift sets, and other stylized collections are also available.

Along with a two-toned Louisville mug, the more extensive pottery collection also features cake crocks, planters, platters, champagne bowls, and more. The traditional look and manufacturing methods make these mugs and other dishware excellent additions to American households.

What We Like Best

  • Thick and sturdy feel
  • 14 oz. size
  • Beautiful glazing and pattern options
  • Smooth to the touch
  • Durable construction

Louisville 14-ounce mugs are solid in your hand and feel sturdy with either hot or cold beverages inside. And though the mug helps insulate your hot beverage, your hands won’t feel a thing. Stoneware & Co. explains that the cup uses a simple cylindrical design, but the handle is molded separately. Then, crafters apply the handle by hand to ensure a seamless fit.

Multiple glaze options are available, so while you can choose a two-tone white and ivory option, other colors—like blue and white—can grace your shelves, too. Regardless of the color, each mug has smooth glazing and feels supremely durable. There are multiple pattern options, too, and you can see the offerings at checkout.

The 14-ounce size is ideal for most hot and even cold drinks. Thick walls ensure there’s little to no condensation or heat seepage. Either way, your cup remains sturdy and handy, with a large handle for easy gripping.

The fact that you can outfit your entire kitchen in the same style is another perk. Even if you choose different colors, the style and overall design will match, creating a cohesive look for your kitchen and dining room.

The Louisville Pottery Collection 14-Oz Mug was named one of our picks for the Best Coffee Mugs

What We Don't Like

  • Slow shipping speed

One downside to ordering from Stoneware & Co. is the fact that shipping is a bit slow. Currently, their products are not available anywhere but on their website.

However, that’s because each piece is custom glazed and fired. If you purchased elsewhere, you wouldn’t have as many options. Also, there’s no guarantee you would receive authentic Louisville Pottery Collection items.

Ordering directly from the manufacturer, whether you purchase the entire collection or a single mug (or a set), you know the company will take care when preparing and packaging the order. After all, the crafters want to preserve their products, so they’ll ensure your stoneware items arrive in excellent condition.


Louisville Pottery

We love the Louisville Pottery Collection mugs for their excellent insulation and durable design. But also impressive is the attention to detail on each handcrafted piece. The smooth glazing, availability of multiple pattern options, and thick form-factor check all the boxes for durable yet stylistically appealing coffee mugs.

The fact that shipping takes a bit of extra time is a decent tradeoff for the quality that Stoneware & Co. offers. Plus, if you want to purchase a matching set, there’s no better way to order. You can customize each piece to suit your needs and style and remain confident that the crafters will tend to every detail.

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