The Best Products Made in Maine

Maine is such a beautiful state in our great nation. Known for it’s rocky coastline and lush woodlands, there’s a lot to do and see in the great coastal towns and state parks like Acadia National Park and Baxter State Park. Being a coastal state at the eastern most point of the United States, Maine has always been a big shipping port and had a focus on fisheries. Maine is also rich in manufacturing history though, particularly in products made from timber and textiles. The huge wooded areas of the state (around 85% of Maine is forested) make for a robust shipbuilding industry. Starting in the early 1800s, Maine also became a big textile manufacturing hub when a lot of cotton textile mills moved from Massachusetts to Maine. While a lot of that textile manufacturing has sadly faded overseas, Maine is still going strong in the industry, as you’ll see below with some of our favorite clothes and other items made in Maine.

Below are the products we’ve reviewed over the years that are made in Maine.


All Styles

  • Ramblers Way – Kennebunk
  • Lisa-Marie’s – Portland

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  • Loyal Citizen Clothing – Portland

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Mens Underwear

  • Ramblers Way – Kennebunk

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  • Belted Cow – Cumberland

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  • Sea Bags – Portland

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  • Flowfold – Gorham

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  • Eastland – Freeport
  • L.L. Bean – Freeport
  • Pierrepont Hicks
  • Quoddy
  • Rancourt & Co. – Lewiston

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  • Wassookeag Moccasins – Dexter

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  • Rogue Industries – Standish

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Home Goods


  • Brates Mill Store Bedspreads – Monmouth
  • Brahms Mount Blankets – Monmouth
  • Heritage Blankets from Authenticity50
  • Maine Woolens

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  • Toms of Maine – Kennebunk

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Pet Products

Dog Bowls

  • Agatha & Louise – Portland

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Dog Treats

  • TriPom Chews – Gardiner

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Sports & Outdoors


  • Hyperlite Mountain Gear – Biddleford

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  • Hyperlite Mountain Gear – Biddleford

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Other Tool Brands

  • Chapelle Universal Square and Rule – Brownfield
  • Lie-Nielsen Toolworks – Warren
  • Studpop – Kennebunk
  • Xuron Corp. – Saco

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Know of any other amazing Maine products that you want us to take a look at? Shoot us a message.

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