Molecule 1 Mattress Review

Shopping for a mattress may seem daunting, but the bed-in-box industry has revolutionized how we choose our mattresses. Nowadays, you can have a bed delivered straight to your door and test it our for several months, no strings attached.

This new type of shopping experience lets your body adjust to the bed, as well as breaking it in, so you can honestly decide if you want it or not. But which bed do you choose when there are so many options on the market? Today we'll be talking about Molecule 1 and why it could be an excellent fit for you.

About Molecule 1

Molecule 1 sounds like a bed from the future, and the company sure tries to live up to its name. These mattresses boast the proprietary MOLECULE Air-Engineered comfort technology, which promises a mattress that helps you recover while you sleep. They do this with features like temperature regulation, pressure relief, and adaptable support.

The cover of the mattress is made up of polyester; however, it's high quality and is softer than many other beds in this price range. It's also microclimate regulating, which means it will help keep you cooler while you sleep.

The top layer of the mattress is made up of 2" of memory foam. The foam molds around the body as it sinks into it, providing pressure relief to areas that might need extra support. Unlike traditional memory foam, it has enhanced airflow properties even when it's compressed. It also has gel microbeads that help keep your body heat down.

Underneath the memory foam is 3" of poly foam, which responds to pressure more quickly than the foam above. One of the main concerns with all memory foam mattresses is that you sink it too far, but the denser layer of poly foam helps prevent that.

The second layer also has different densities in different areas. The areas underneath the head and feet are softer to make you feel more comfortable, while the lumbar region is more firm. The difference in foam density helps give complete support to problem areas while you sleep. It's especially useful in assisting side sleepers in keeping alignment in their spine.

They make the base layer up of an even heavier density poly foam, which measures 7." The base layer provides support and to all of the layers above it and is what makes the mattress feel firm and supportive, helping keep your spine in alignment. It's also made of breathable materials to help keep your temperature down while you sleep.

Molecule 1 is made up of eco-friendly materials, so you don't have to worry about the environment or your health. Molecule uses a patented technology that reduces carbon emissions by 97% and removes the need to "air-out," your mattress when it arrives. The best part is that this futuristic bed doesn't have a futuristic price point. It's still affordable while being high-quality.

What We Like Best

  • It's breathable and cool.
  • It's appropriately zoned for side sleepers.
  • It has a 100 night trial period.
  • It has a limited lifetime warranty.

The technology of this mattress helps keep you cool all night long. The most common complaint with foam mattresses is that they trap heat, but Molecule has gone the extra mile to solve that problem.

Their unique type of support system is ideal for side or combination sleepers. Having different densities of foam in different areas means that it's appropriately reducing pressure so you can have a comfortable sleep. The top layer also contours well, adding extra comfort.

A bonus of the different zones is that motion is well isolated. If you sleep with a partner, this mattress will help you sleep through any restless tossing and turning from your loved one.

This mattress also comes with a guarantee. If you try it for 100 days and don't like it, you can return it. The shipping and returns are free, and it has a limited lifetime warranty. Molecule also stocks bedding, mattress toppers, and pillows so that they can handle all your bedroom needs.

The Molecule 1 Mattress was named one of our picks for the Best Mattresses

What We Don't Like

  • It's too soft if you sleep on your stomach.

While this mattress is ideal for combination, back, or side sleepers if you tend to sleep on your stomach all night, you may want something a little more firm. Molecule 1 might be a bit unsupportive for your spine if you lay face down all night long.


Molecule 1 Mattress

This futuristic-sounding bed does come with a lot of great options that most any consumer will love. The proprietary cooling technology solves the problem of an uncomfortably hot mattress, and the zoned support helps even out pressure while you sleep. All-in-all, the Molecule 1 mattress is an excellent option for a bed in the box, especially at its price point.

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