The Best Products Made in New York

The state of New York is rich in its history of manufacturing American made goods, especially in the heart of NYC with famous areas like the Garment District. Below is a summary of all our favorite products that we’ve reviewed from the state of New York. We’ve broken everything out by category, listed the specific city where each brand is from, and also included further reading in case you want to check out our other top picks for each group. As always, this list will be growing as we continue to review more categories, so don’t be afraid to reach out if you have any questions or suggestions!


Baby Clothes

  • Lucy & Leo
  • Winter Water Factory – New York City

Full guide: best baby clothes made in the USA


  • Vaute – New York City

Full guide: best jackets made in the USA


  • Jean Shop – New York City
  • Left Field NYC – New York City

Full guide: best jeans made in the USA

Men’s Dress Shirts

  • Glass House – New York City

Full guide: best dress shirts made in the USA


  • Mirame Swim

Full guide: best swimsuits made in the USA


  • Between the Sheets – New York City
  • Hanky Panky – New York City
  • Only Hearts – New York City
  • Rago – New York City

Full guide: best men’s and women’s underwear made in the USA



  • Hank’s Belts – Endicott

Full guide: best belts made in the USA


  • Tough Traveler Duffels – Schenectady

Full guide: best luggage made in the USA


  • Manimal
  • PW Minor
  • Waltzing Matilda USA (formerly Vere Sandals)
  • PW Minor

Full guide: shoes made in the USA


  • General Knot & Co – Bedford
  • Josh Bach – New York City

Full guide: best ties made in the USA


  • TGT – New York City

Full guide: best wallets made in the USA

Home Goods


  • Brooklyn Copper Cookware – New York City

Full guide: best coffee makers made in the USA


  • Liberty Tabletop – Sherrill

Full guide: best flatware made in the USA


  • Harden

Full guide: furniture made in the USA

Natural Toothpaste

  • Desert Essence – Hauppauge

Full guide: best natural toothpaste made in the USA

Solar Panels

  • Tesla/Panasonic – Buffalo

Full guide: solar panels made in the USA


  • Country Life Vitamin – Hauppauge

Full guide: best vitamins made in the USA

Pet Products

Dog Collars, Leashes & Harnesses

  • Freedom No-Pull Harness – Tuxedo Park

Full guide: best dog collars, leashes, and harnesses made in the USA

Dog Food

  • Holistic Health Extension – Deer Park

Full guide: best dog food made in the USA

Sports & Outdoors

Water Bottles

  • Nalgene Bottles – Rochester

Full guide: best water bottles made in the USA



  • Diamond Saw Works
  • Kodiak Cutting Tools
  • LakeShore Carbide
  • Niagara Cutter

Full guide: tools made in the USA

Tool Boxes

  • MSC Direct – Melville

Full guide: best tool boxes made in the USA

That’s it for now. Check back with us soon to see what new products are getting added!