North Star Hidden Pocket Wallet

Every man needs a good wallet: a stylish, slim, secure place to hold cards and cash that won’t break the bank itself. The North Star Men’s Hidden Pocket Money Divider Wallet is an affordable yet durable option made of sturdy cowhide leather that checks all the boxes.

North Star Leather is known for its handcrafted leather goods, all made in the United States. Since 1969 their company has produced wallets, handbags, checkbooks, and beyond, and they take pride in their high quality and authentic craftsmanship.

About North Star Leather

North Star Leather is a South Carolina-based leather goods brand that began in Boston in 1969. Founder Stephen M. Batson found his passion for handcrafted leather and started his own line of leather goods, which now ships to all 50 U.S. States and even internationally. They carry over 150 leather products.

North Star Leather is a 90% wholesale company that produces leather goods of all kinds, from wallets to checkbooks, handbags to belts, and even guitar straps and bracelets. Besides their own North Star line, they produce handcrafted leather merchandise for other companies, such as custom keychains, embossed leather pouches, and more.

North Star is a mid-sized company with less than 20 employees and is very much “family-run.” Both Stephen M. Batson and his son, Mike Batson, run the company as well as regularly assist in the production of leather products, particularly projects that are more detailed and complicated.

Not only do the Batson's pride themselves on their hands-on work in their company’s product production, they even develop their website and catalog “in house.” They find that it is the most effective method of running a successful wholesale business and an excellent way to maintain their family business integrity.

North Star Leather sets itself apart from the rest with all of their leather goods made entirely in the United States, while 80% of all leather goods nowadays are made overseas. Not only is North Star a local business with passion and integrity, but you can be sure that you are supporting a brand that they entirely run out of the U.S.

High-quality products and customer satisfaction are top priorities for North Star Leather. They put in effort and dedication to ensure the highest level of quality from their products, but also guarantee repairs within the first year of purchase, with free postage both ways.

Although North Star’s products are carefully handcrafted from genuine leather and are guaranteed to last, wear and tear such as soiling, cuts, and scratches can be expected on items after long periods of use. However, that is only natural for regularly used cowhide goods.

Another priority for North Star Leather is affordability. Mike Batson himself agrees that his prices are unusually low for genuine, handcrafted leather goods, and perhaps should charge more for North Star products. Still, North Star’s mission is to make products available to “the average person.”

Despite their low price point, Batson ensures his customers that they are receiving high-quality goods made from high-quality cowhide. North Star makes their low prices possible by receiving deals on leather, sourcing less expensive hardware for their products, producing products in large batches, and cutting all advertising costs by not advertising at all.

North Star Leather is a family-run, U.S.-based company that prides itself on its high-quality goods at affordable prices. They have a true passion for their work and the products they produce and ensure the best experience for every buyer, whether purchasing wholesale, directly from the shop, or even a custom order.

What We Like Best

  • Handcrafted from cowhide leather
  • Has a hidden money divider
  • Has four card slots
  • Fits easily into a pocket
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Affordable price for high-quality goods

Like all North Star Leather goods, the Men’s Hidden Pocket Money Divider Wallet is handmade from high-quality cowhide leather and carefully crafted to ensure durability. They pay careful attention to every product made by North Star, and this wallet is no exception.

The wallet has four card slots, a full-sized bill compartment, and even has a hidden money divider to separate and hide away your cash to ensure security. Still small and lightweight enough to easily fit into a pocket, the bifold wallet has enough room to store any cash you may have on hand.

As with all of North Star’s products, the wallet is crafted in the United States and comes from a locally-owned business with a passion for leather goods.

The Hidden Pocket Money Divider Wallet is a durable and well-crafted genuine leather good for an affordable price that you can’t beat. North Star ensures customer satisfaction and guarantees free repairs on their products within the first year of purchase.

All of this gains this North Star wallet a top spot on our best all American wallets.

What We Don't Like

  • Limited space for cards

Although the Men’s Hidden Pocket Money Divider Wallet has plenty of room for your cash while still maintaining its slim and sleek design, the wallet only has four card slots. This leaves minimal space for your ID, debit cards, credit cards, or any other kind of rewards or membership card you may need to store.

This wallet is perfect for someone who often carries cash and doesn’t have an abundance of cards they may need to keep since one of its key features is its hidden money divider, keeping your cash safe and secure. It is essential to consider what you usually need to keep with you when leaving the house and whether or not this wallet will fit the bill.


Overall, the North Star Men’s Hidden Pocket Money Divider Wallet is a high-quality and durable wallet, handcrafted in the United States from genuine cowhide. This wallet is an affordable option for a handmade leather good.

The wallet is perfect for someone who wants extra protection for their cash and is interested in purchasing leather goods from an American business that takes pride and passion in their products. The wallet is slim and sleek, easily fitting into your pocket, and is guaranteed to last.

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