North Star Men’s Leather Card Case

North Star Leather has a great product out on the market worth looking at for anyone appreciating a minimalist wallet: their men's Card Case.

This company has been in business for over 50 years. Judging from their extensive product line, it is easy to see that they have been continuously expanding their offerings throughout that time.

North Star has an impressively diverse product line, and they manufacture quite a bit more than wallets. We will stick to the Card Case in this review but recommend looking at other products from this company if you like high-quality leatherwork.

About North Star Leather

Founded in Boston, North Star Leather has been in business ever since 1969. The present owner, Stephen M. Batson, is also the founder. He started selling his leather products from a Boston street cart before moving to Ruby, SC.

Batson grew North Star into the company it is today from these small beginnings, now offering over 150 different products all made right here in the USA. They are a company that prides itself on using quality materials and tried-and-true manufacturing techniques.

North Star offers lifetime warranties on their incredible craftsmanship (although that does not extend to the finish, which naturally may experience wear and tear with normal use). They are very upfront and honest with their return policy on their website.

This leather company offers an interesting line of products. There are men's and women's fashion accessories as well as jewelry, guitar straps, and accessories for police and security uniforms.

We will be focusing on a particularly great minimal wallet - the Card Case - but North Star has many other options for both minimalist and traditional wallets. Before making any purchase, we suggest that you take the time to look through their website.

North Star Leather proudly offers Horween leather from the world-famous Horween Tannery in Chicago. Leather-lovers will know that this means North Star is producing their products with the highest-quality materials.

You can also order a variety of products that are made from or finished with rattlesnake skin. If you are looking for designs that stand out in a crowd, North Star has many beautiful snake-skin options for you.

So whether you want gifts, accessories, or you need to bulk-order some leather products for your company, North Star Leather is sure to meet your requests.

What We Like Best

  • Slim yet folds
  • Transparent ID slot
  • Simple design
  • Rounded corners

The North Star Men's Leather Card Case was named one of our picks for one of the best wallets you can buy. This wallet's design can offer the buyer an impressive list of features often not seen in a minimalist wallet.

The North Star Card Case is a minimalist wallet, so it should not be surprising to comment on its small size. However, North Star has done a unique job in offering various features in this wallet while keeping the size small and the profile slim.

The Card Case's ability to fold offers a sense of security that one normally gives up when switching to a minimalist wallet. The fold's clever design allows this wallet to pack more than you might expect while remaining distinctly separate from the bi-fold category.

The transparent ID slot is an unusual and appreciated feature in a minimalist wallet. Like the fold mentioned above, this is a feature normally reserved for bulkier wallets. North Star has managed to add this versatility without adding any significant bulk to its design.

We like the straightforward exterior design of the Card Case. Many companies design minimalist wallets with more flair, but the Card Case is meant to do its job and remains unobtrusive. If you want a simple wallet that does its job while looking appropriate in all settings, this is a great choice.

The rounded corners may not seem like much of a feature, but we find they are a great feature in the Card Case design. North Star uses high-quality leather, which can be stiff (especially when new), so sharp corners can jab you through your clothes at times.

With the Card Case, the slim design and rounded corners make it a comfortable wallet to carry in any pocket.

What is really great about the Card Case is that it offers all of the design features we have mentioned in this section while still allowing you to keep a slim profile. If you worry about bulges in professional clothing but still have cards to carry, this is a great wallet for you to consider.

The North Star Men's leather card case was named one of our picks for the best all-American made wallets.

What We Don't Love

  • No finish options besides black

In the section above, we raved about the North Star Men's Card Case's simplistic design. However, some prospective buyers may find it too simple. If you are looking for fun and flair, this may not be a good choice.

This minimalist wallet comes loaded with features, but it only comes in black with black stitching. While this may be fine for many, we would appreciate seeing some fun alternatives to black while still offering all of the Card Case's great innovations.

Wrapping up

The simple, durable North Star Leather Men's Card Case is one of the best minimalist wallets on the market today due to its functional combination of features, all packaged within a slim design. Minimalist wallet-lovers will be impressed with this product.

North Star Leather is a longstanding 100% American leather manufacturer with a long history of making great products. Anything you choose from this manufacturer is likely to be a product that will serve you for a long time.

The Card Case is right at home on our list of some of the best wallets you can buy, so check it out if you are looking for a fairly-priced high-quality wallet you can carry with you at all times. No matter how you dress, you will have room for this wallet.

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