Buying American for Pets

Why Buy American?

The most recent data from APPA (American Pet Products Association) says that U.S. expenditures on pet products has increased 67% in the last decade, and that is only expected to increase. Pets are a huge part of American families (ours included) and we want to make sure they are treated with care.

According to PetMD, pet products that are manufactured overseas have a higher likelihood of being recalled or containing toxic ingredients than domestic products. For pet food, we have the FTC and AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) to help regulate and set guidelines for making Made in the USA labels extremely clear, but it gets fuzzier when looking at non-food items. That leaves the responsibility with us, the American consumer, to do our research and find out which brands aren't cutting corners.

We're taking a hard look into several categories to find the brands that are producing and sourcing their products in the USA and outperforming the competition on quality. We also have Ella to help us out with product testing.

Check out our latest reviews below!

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Chief Dog Tester
Ella is the head tester for all dog food, toys, treats, and everything else for man's best friend.

Ella's paw situation makes writing reviews hard... so Kristen handles the typing for her.

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