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ProdecoTech Genesis R Electric Bike

The ProdecoTech Genesis R Electric Bike is one of the best electric bikes for commuters. It uses the latest technology for peak performance and is well-designed to make it easy for everyone to ride.

ProdecoTech is a reliable electric bicycle company that has over 20 different models and styles. They aim to stay true to their strong moral compass and support green initiatives and eco-transport.

About ProdecoTech

Back in 2007, Robert Provost and Daniel Del Aguila had a successful company producing electronics, such as closed-circuit television systems and personal electronics, for consumers and businesses in South Florida. They also owned and operated a 12,000-square-foot motorsports store.

However, they quickly became frustrated with the low quality of the “container e-bikes,” electric bikes sold by the container, that they were importing from China for distribution and sales in the United States.

After receiving the e-bikes, they would remove and replace parts of it with better components, which led them to wonder why the companies couldn’t get it right the first time. Since they were practically rebuilding the bikes from scratch with more attention to detail, they soon decided to start making e-bikes themselves that consumers actually wanted.

Along with Jim Aversa, their head mechanic at the time, Provost and Del Aguila began researching everything they could about the electric bike business to see why these bikes did so well in Europe and Asia but not North America.

The three of them spent four years traveling to national bike shows around the United States, setting up a booth, and asking consumers what they wanted in an e-bike.

All of their careful research showed that Americans wanted a product that was designed and manufactured entirely in the USA. Their studies also found that Americans especially wanted their e-bikes to be high-quality, low-maintenance, portable, have a lightweight structure and modern style, and be affordable.

From their travels, research, and experiences, the three men realized how important it is to create an exceptional product right the first time for the burgeoning U.S. electric bike market.

Outsourcing from overseas only proved to fail time and time again. They decided to focus on responding to the desire of Americans by manufacturing e-bikes in the U.S. with the best-quality components.

By 2010, the three business partners founded ProdecoTech in Pompano Beach, Florida, with the mission to create high-quality e-bikes in the U.S. and get the job done right. Their G+ series, Genesis, and Storm were the first electric bikes to be released to positive reviews.

However, they continued to tweak the bikes over the next two years and seek the highest quality battery technology. On their latest model, the Outlaw series, they added a 750W motor and their in-house designed battery case.

Over the years, they formed partnerships with some of the most trustworthy brands in the cycling industry, such as Promax, SRAM, KMC, Velo, Avid, Truvativ, and Continental. They take pride in designing and building their e-bikes in the USA with the best and most durable materials. Their frames and almost all of their components are imported from Taiwan and China, but the bikes themselves are assembled in Pompano Beach by American workers.

The focus of ProdecoTech is to use the finest and long-lasting components for all 70+ parts of every single e-bike to make it top quality while staying patriotic, customer-oriented, and eco-friendly. They have a nationwide service network and a 24-hour in-stock parts replacement policy. They also offer a two-year, front-to-back components warranty, which includes the motor and battery.

Many of their bikes stand out from the competition with a compact folding-frame design, making it portable and easy to carry and manage. Some models also use a wide range of energy-efficient hub motors with a responsive throttle. Though they are expensive, they have shown to have some of the best prices in the e-bike business and boast an unsurpassed component list from the industry’s top brands.

With 22 different models of traditional bicycles and electric bikes, this patriotic company seeks to accommodate every rider and demographic without sacrificing quality.

What We Like Best

  • Smooth hydraulic braking
  • Reliable Samsung battery cells
  • Cool black color scheme
  • 35 mile range
  • Powerful direct drive 400W motor

As the best electric city bike, ProdecoTech has produced a commuting showstopper. It is smooth, almost noiseless, and, on a single charge, can go for up to 30-35 miles using Samsung battery cells.

It can go to 20 MPH top speed and has a 400W direct drive motor that can handle hills with no problems. It is a twist-throttle only, meaning it needs no pedal assistance. That means this is an excellent bike for speedy commutes without requiring an enormous effort on your part.

The hydraulic disc brake system is very responsive, and it is fitted with tough 26” Continental Town & Country tires. The design of this 8-speed bike is rear-heavy, with the battery now mounted in the frame’s downtube.

The easy step-through frame is made of aluminum, making mounting and dismounting a breeze. The black color scheme gives it an exceptionally cool and sophisticated look.

The ProdecoTech Genesis R was named one of our picks for the Best USA Made Bikes

What We Don't Like

  • Pricey

There really isn’t much to complain about this sleek electric bike other than the price. While most electric bikes are rather expensive, the Genesis R is over a thousand dollars. You pay for the quality and convenience of an electric bike for an easier commute, but you may find other models that are more economical.

This e-bike is definitely a monetary investment. If you’re merely looking for a simple, inexpensive bicycle for work, this might not be the right bike for you.


Overall, the ProdecoTech Genesis R Electric Bike is one of the finest in its class. It is made of high-quality, long-lasting materials and is protected by a two-year warranty. It is well-designed with a powerful motor and reliable battery with a glossy black finish.

The only issue is the price, but if you are willing to invest in a high-quality e-bike, Genesis R won’t disappoint and will last you a long time.

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