Renovo Bikes: Made in the USA

Renovo Hardwood Bikes made some of the highest quality hardwood bike frames in the world. Unfortunately, the business went bankrupt. However, in 2019, all of its assets and intellectual property have since been purchased by Pure Timber, a wood bending company known for its chairs and sculpture work.

Renovo hardwood bikes are now available from Pure Timber. The company has applied its extensive wood bending expertise to improve certain components, including the seat post and head tube, longbow seat stays, and bottom bracket joinery.

Pure Timber is owned and managed by Chris Mroz out of Gig Harbor, Washington. Mroz has extensive experience with wood and wood bending. He’s worked on everything from simple chairs to architectural masterpieces. He’s been featured in magazines and on television.

As far as bikes are concerned, he applies his skills to making Renovo bike frames with the same resilience and flexibility as carbon fiber. Mroz firmly believes that hardwood provides the smoothest and most comfortable ride you can get on a bike.

Our Favorite Renovo Bikes Made in the USA

Renovo Stave Frame: Nicknamed the ‘Hogswood’, this bike is handmade from recycled white oak wine or whisky barrel staves. This elegantly-shaped bike features colorful spirit indentations in the laminations with some elements hand-carved so that there’s a design nod to the original barrel shape used to create the bike. The Hogswood is a great all-rounder, which can handle a commute, gravel, or even cobbles.

Renovo Pursuit Frame: The Renovo Pursuit is a road bike, made with narrower tire spacing and more upright geometry, ideal for racing. It’s also almost fully customizable. You can select a variety of sizes for this bike, as well as a choice of wood – elm, walnut, ash, maple, koa, and cherry. You can also use the ‘order notes’ feature to state more details about what you’ll be using the bike for and any preferences to have it customized further. This can include adding a carved head tube or hollowed seat stays. 

Whiskey Jack Frame: There are two Whiskey Jack frames up for grabs with Renovo and both are incredibly exclusive. Made for gravel terrain, the first is a demo prototype frame-only that is built with gum cherry show wood layers and a black ash main frame layer. It’s been lightly used to test different road conditions and will ideally suit a rider who is 5’5″ – 5’11” tall. The second Whiskey Jack Frame is a custom frame ‘edition of one’. You can commission a frame completely tailored to you and your exact bike needs. All Renovo bikes are signed and dated by Christo Mroz as future recognition as an original piece of artwork.  

Manufacturing Notes

Renovo originally manufactured its bikes out of Portland, Oregon from 2008 – 2018 and had a showroom in Sausalito, California in 2011. Renovo’s brand grew quickly, but too quickly for production to keep up with such handcrafted bikes, meaning long waits for its customers, before it went bankrupt in 2018.

When Chris Mroz, owner of Pure Timber LLC purchased the business in 2019, he moved them to his existing location in Gig Harbour, Seattle, Washington. After remastering the designs, they launched the wood superbikes in 2020.

For material, Renovo uses local sources for its products. It typically uses North American hardwoods like maple, elm, walnut, cherry, and ash. They’ve also used Mountain Ash and Dogwood in previous models, which are trees native to Washington state where they manufacture their products.

In the past, Renovo has also partnered with the likes of Glenmorangie Whiskey Distillers who ordered a group of bikes made from recycled barrel staves.

Renovo takes its commitment to making American-made bikes very seriously, with its materials and manufacturing all happening in the USA. They’ve also learned from Renovo’s previous owners and don’t take orders when they can’t fill an order for a spec frame within 120 days. If you’re looking for a USA-made sturdy wooden bike, you’re in good hands with Renovo. 

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