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Revo Luna Expandable Hardside Spinner Review

If you’re a frequent traveler, you know how important it is to have reliable and durable hardside luggage. Not only does it protect your belongings, but it helps you organize them, too.

When shopping for hardside luggage, you should consider the sturdiness of its material. Unfortunately, baggage can take a beating during travel, so your suitcase needs to withstand being tossed on the plane and jostled on the carousel with a bunch of other bags.

You may also want to check out the size and construction of the suitcase. Does it have compartments inside for better organization? Is it large enough to hold everything you want to bring? And, for mobility, you will need wheels that move smoothly in any direction.

The Revo Luna Expandable Hardside Spinner suitcase fulfills many of the requirements for high-end hardside luggage. It has tons of storage space with individual packing sections and a frame built to survive dents and damage. Its affordable price also makes it a worthy investment.

About Revo

Headquartered in Mira Loma, California, Revo is an American company dedicated to bringing manufacturing back to the United States. They hope to create jobs for Americans by returning the country to the vast production levels it achieved in the 20th century.

Revo stands for revolution, a concept the company stands by in its commitment to innovative products. Their team of engineers strives to enhance their luggage, from the quality of the exterior materials to the design of the suitcase’s interior.

If you decide to purchase a suitcase from Revo, you will discover that they prioritize customer satisfaction. Because Revo values its customers, they provide a 10-year warranty covering manufacturing defects on all of their luggage. And, with five different collections to choose from, Revo has a wide variety of suitcases to fit your style and purpose.

What We Like Best

  • Made with a sturdy polycarbonate frame that can endure all types of damage
  • Four wheels that roll smoothly and allow for excellent mobility
  • Two inside compartments with zippers for organizing your belongings
  • A combination lock approved by the TSA
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Comes as part of a 3-piece set

The Revo Luna Expandable Hardside Spinner suitcase has a 100% American-made polycarbonate shell that makes it more durable than the alternative plastic frames. Polycarbonate allows the suitcase to bend instead of to break on impact, keeping it in excellent shape and protected from rough handling throughout your trips.

As part of the Luna line, it features a sleek design, a highly glossed finish, and a ribbed texture. We noticed that the strength of the polycarbonate and the glossy, textured surface made this suitcase relatively scratch resistant. It is also very light at just 9.5 lbs., which gives you plenty of space to work with while packing.

Customers will love the interior of this suitcase, too. In general, hardside luggage has fewer pockets and sections for organizing than soft bags, but this case has two compartments with zippers, as well as straps to hold clothing in place. The packing sections allow for compression, offering you even more storage room inside the suitcase.

Mobility is an essential consideration in hardside luggage since you will be rolling and pulling it most of the time. This case’s wheels move in all directions, and the handle is aluminum, a solid material that lasts longer than plastic options.

The Revo Luna Expandable Hardside Spinner was named one of our picks for the Best U.S. Made Luggage

What We Don't Like

  • The material used to construct hardside luggage does not allow for squeezing it into compact spaces, like in the overhead storage on the plane or in your car’s trunk

The only major complaint against the Revo Luna Expandable Hardside Spinner is its stiffness. Since the material is so sturdy, it lacks the flexibility needed to squash it into tight spaces, which is sometimes necessary to do while traveling. You won’t be able to jam it into a small space in the overhead bin on a plane.

Some customers report issues with the zippers inside the suitcase. They claim that the zippers break easily and get caught in the material while zipping. However, we did not experience any of these problems in our testing.



If you are searching for dependable and stylish hardside luggage, the Revo Luna Expandable Hardside Spinner is an excellent option. The polycarbonate frame protects the suitcase and your belongings from all kinds of damage, including dents and leaks. The wheels and handle are also durable and allow for easy maneuvering through airports.

Plus, you can feel confident that you are supporting American businesses and workers when you purchase from Revo. By choosing one of their products, you are assisting in their mission to create manufacturing jobs in the U.S.

Revo delivered on the interior of this suitcase, too, with two packing sections complete with zippers and straps to keep everything in place. Its lightweight shell means that you have more freedom to fill the case without worrying about making it too heavy.

All in all, this suitcase comes from a trustworthy company with a laudable goal. It uses high-quality materials both inside and outside that promise to last a long time and make transporting it painless. With all of its attributes, this suitcase is still rather affordable and would be a trusty companion for any traveler.

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