Tactipup Gear: Made in the USA

Tactipup is an American business that prides itself on creating sturdy, long-lasting gear for American dogs.

A self-described law enforcement family, they are well-versed in the high standards of professional dog gear. Additionally, the humans behind Tactipup gear belong to three dogs. It’s a combination that makes them intimately familiar with the challenge of finding high-quality, durable dog walking supplies.

Tactipup Gear sets out to fill that void.

In addition to bringing professional-grade equipment to the average American dog, Tactipup is a company that uses locally sourced material as much as possible. They are passionate about ensuring their products not only benefit American customers but their local communities and economies, too.

Our Favorite Tactipup Gear Products Made in the USA

Basic tactical dog collar: Some of Tactipup’s gear can be pricey, but the basic tactical dog collar isn’t guilty of that particular crime. It’s ideal for the relaxed dog with no history of breaking or damaging its walking equipment. It uses a standard plastic clip to secure the collar but is still made of the high-quality, locally sourced material Tactipup prides itself on. There are also customization options for this collar too, like custom embroidery, color options, and patches for the collar. 

Extreme dog collar: If you’re looking for an insanely strong color for determined, high-drive dogs, then this is the collar for them! Made with the best metal buckle on the market, the AustriAlpin Cobra buckle ensures the collar remains sturdy for years to come. However, despite being solid, the collar is also lightweight and not overly bulky. Your dog will also remain stylish with the customization options that are available.

Extreme harness with metal buckles: The Extreme harness with metal buckles is one of the pricier pieces of Tactipup gear, but it’s money well spent. The harness features two AustriAlpin Cobra buckles to help you get the harness on and off without fuss. This is excellent for excitable dogs, as there’s no need to put their head through the harness. Instead, you can fit it around the chest and through your dog’s legs to secure it.

It includes a grab handle to give you extra control of your dog, as well as two Velcro sections of harness to customize with patches.

Manufacturing Notes

In a time when the majority its competitors have moved their manufacturing processes overseas, Tactipup prides itself in manufacturing their products in the USA. They aim to source all of their materials from US-based suppliers unless it’s absolutely impossible. 

The family-owned business operated out of Clearwater, Florida remains determined to keep money in its local communities, which they’ve already seen positive ripples of, despite only being set up in 2017. Tactipup is an avid supporter of working dog programs for the military and law enforcement and also supports rescue and humane societies. They strive to employ people in the USA and to stimulate a community this way. 

Inspired by their own two lab dogs and Dutch Shepherd, Tactipup is evidently dedicated to creating high-quality American-made products. All of their items are made-to-order in-house and have a focus on detail and perfection, which is echoed throughout all of their customer reviews. If you’re looking for a long-lasting dog collar made in the USA, Tactipup is the way to go. 

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