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Tactipup Gear Review

Whether you’re training a puppy, walking a dog, or taking your canine best friend on adventurous hikes, having the right collar or harness is important.

You need to keep them safe, but you also want to ensure your dog’s comfort. Sometimes that’s easier said than done. Different types of collars and harnesses come with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Some harnesses create more friction than others, while certain collar types can put strain on your dog’s neck. And some dogs have unusual body types that don’t fit comfortably into a standard harness.

Tactipup gear offers a solution. They offer durable, well-made collars and harnesses that strive to meet the standards of working dogs, especially law enforcement.

Whether you’re looking for a collar that helps keep an excitable puppy in check or a harness that gives your dog security on long walks, Tactipup gear has something for everyone.

About Tactipup

Tactipup is an American business that prides itself on creating sturdy, long-lasting gear for American dogs.

A self-described law enforcement family, they are well-versed in the high standards of professional dog gear. Additionally, the humans behind Tactipup gear belong to three dogs. It’s a combination that makes them intimately familiar with the challenge of finding high-quality, durable dog walking supplies.

Tactipup Gear sets out to fill that void.

In addition to bringing professional-grade equipment to the average American dog, Tactipup is a company that uses locally sourced material as much as possible. They are passionate about ensuring their products not only benefit American customers but their local communities and economies, too.

What We Like Best

  • Locally Sourced Material
  • High-quality material
  • Variety of color and personalization options
  • Designed to be durable and long-lasting
  • Sizing guide and measuring advice
  • Machine washable harnesses

When it comes to Tactipup gear, there’s a lot to like. These dog collars and harnesses are built to a high standard that, at its best, saves you from buying new Tactipup gear every few years.

And when it comes to selection, customers have a variety of options. Collars come in various colors and sizes and include an option for personalization.

If you’re new to sizing your dog for Tactipup gear, the website’s sizing chart and measuring tips help you through the processes. To help customers get the most from Tactipup gear, there’s further advice on washing tips and tricks.

Is it expensive? It depends on the size and the Tactipup gear in question. However, Tactipup isn’t your average harness, either, and the longevity of the gear will save you money in the long run. And at roughly $10 less than equivalent quality gear by different companies, customers agree that you’re getting good value for money.

Tactipup Gear was named one of our best picks for Best Dog Collars and Harnesses

Some of Tactipup’s gear can be pricey, but the basic tactical dog collar isn’t guilty of that particular crime.

It’s ideal for the relaxed dog with no history of breaking or damaging their walking equipment. It uses a standard plastic clip to secure the collar but is still made of the high-quality, locally sourced material Tactipup prides itself on.

It’s also possible to ask for custom embroidery on this Tactipup gear collar, but the company advises that to meet the space requirements longer text may be smaller or include multiple lines.

There are further customization options as customers can select from various colors and patches for the collar. Customers say the size selections leave ample space to grow and add that they appreciate the high quality of the webbing.

What We Wish Was Different

  • Collars are not machine washable
  • No option for small dogs

It’s a small thing, but Tactipup recommends washing its collars by hand. They have a how-to video talking you through the process, and it’s not complicated. But it’s fussier than you might be looking for, especially if your weekends are busy enough without taking a toothbrush to a dog collar.

But it’s a small consideration given the longevity, durability, and quality of the collar. Besides, your dog is unlikely to notice the cleanliness or otherwise of their collar.

Additionally, if you’re buying Tactipup gear, you’re buying it for dogs that weigh 50lbs or more. It’s a shame because small dogs can be and often are as adventure-prone as their larger contemporaries.

Partly, this is because there’s simply no way to fit collar handle and customization options onto a collar smaller than 17.5 inches. And while smaller collar sizes do exist without the handle or personalization, there’s still nothing smaller than medium when looking at Tactipup harnesses.

That said, the handling requirements for small dogs are different and less demanding than those of larger dogs. You’re unlikely to need a collar handle on a small dog, for instance.

But a good harness can do wonders for dogs built lower to the ground, and we wish there was a version of the Tactipup harness gear that took this into consideration.

The Extreme Harness with Metal Buckles is one of the pricier pieces of Tactipup gear, but it’s money well spent.

The harness features two AustriAlpin Cobra buckles to help you get the harness on and off without fuss. This is excellent for excitable dogs, as there’s no need to put their head through the harness. Instead, you can fit it around the chest and through your dog’s legs to secure it.

It includes a grab handle to give you extra control of your dog, as well as two Velcro sections of harness to customize with patches.

Wrapping Up

Overall, Tactipup gear is a long-term investment. It costs more than your average harness, collar, or leash, but it lasts longer, too.

Tactipupup gear is built by people who know dogs and how to handle them. Its products give you better control and allow plenty of opportunities to customize collars and harnesses.

Reviewers agree that the materials are first class and the products well designed. We wish there were more sizing options, but the sizes they do have, prioritize giving you control over larger, more energetic dogs while also guaranteeing comfort and security for your dog. It’s hard to ask for better than that.

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