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The Artful Canine Collars Review

Finding safe and comfortable equipment for your dog can be challenging, particularly since the market is saturated. We think we might have found at least one comfortable and safe collar with The Artful Canine collar. That is not a surprise since the company makes its own store of unique collars that stand out from mass-produced dog collars.

About The Artful Canine

The Artful Canine is a pet store based in Sarasota County in Venice, FL. They craft their own dog collars and pride themselves on creating durable, quality collars and not just reselling another company's collars. They have been crafting fun and safe dog collars since 2009, with each dog collar utilizing toughly woven fabrics and even tough stitching that should stand up to a dog's bite.

Founder Joanne Wood-Ellison found it challenging to find quality dog collars with style, so she decided to do it herself by creating her own company. It has been over ten years, and the company has slowly climbed the market, making as many unique dog collars as there are dogs.

While the shop is primarily run online, you can find their outlet store in Florida, where you might discover Joanne and her teammates hard at work on their next masterpiece. Besides collars, the company creates leashes and harnesses for dogs of all breeds and sizes at affordable prices, so you can collect as many styles as you like.

The Artful Canine makes dog collars that combine style with safety and durability, just as Joanne Wood-Ellison set out to do. Each collar combines stylish fabric with heavy-duty black nylon webbing, using limited choking action to restrain your dog without possibly hurting them.

Additionally, the company also offers custom orders in case you do not immediately see something that strikes your (or your dog's) fancy. Each piece has a 1-year guarantee if you need to return it (though the warranty ends if the piece is chewed or bitten through).

What We Like Best

  • The collar stays on through pulling and tugging
  • Looks great on a variety of dog breeds
  • Vibrant colors and quality materials
  • Easy to return if you order the wrong size
  • Shipping is fast

As you can see, there is a lot to love about this collar. It might seem too good to be true for a collar made in a small pet shop in Florida, but it looks like their hard work has paid off.

The challenge of a good dog collar is to stay on a dog's neck without it hurting them when they tug or pull at it. That is thanks to the one large collar loop that adjusts to your dog's neck and the fabric loop where the leash clasp attaches. The collar should stay firmly attached to your dog while the leash loop keeps them close to you.

No matter the dog breed, you should also be able to find a collar for your furry friend. The Artful Canine produces collars in all colors and sizes so you can see what suits your dog. Need something plain and simple? The company has it. If you are looking for bright, vibrant, and bombastic, there is a collar for that too.

Similarly, you can count on these collars' durability. Although these collars come from a small pet store, the team at The Artful Canine takes care to make each collar strong, with even stitches and high-quality materials. After all, each collar has a strong nylon webbing underneath the outer fabric, just like any commercially produced dog collar.

A functional collar also needs to look good. Many people like to get The Artful Canine collars because they come in many colors and styles. In short, if you are looking for a fun collar for Christmas or just a fun picture, there should be a color for your dog. You might even accrue a small collection of collars for any occasion.

If you need to return the collar for some reason, The Artful Canine has excellent customer service. You can choose a rush return, where you create a new order with the collar you want.

Just make a note on your returned collar that you order something different on a new order, and the company will refund you what you paid for shipping on your new order. You cannot return items that have been used or were custom-made for you.

Due to the above features, we named The Artful Canine Collar one of our picks for the Best Dog Collars.

What We Wish Was Different

  • The clasp is a little difficult to undo
  • Sizes run a little small

We do love The Artful Canine collar, do not get us wrong. There are still a few things that we wish could be improved about the product.

The Artful Canine prides itself on helping you keep your dog from tugging and pulling painfully at their collar. However, the clasp for tightening and loosening the collar might prove a little tricky. It might take a little work at first to work the collar loose from your dog.

That said, do not try to make the collar too tight for extra measure. Always make sure your dog is comfortable in the collar.

While The Artful Canine boasts a collar for every dog breed, the size chart may run a little small. The largest size fits a 15-inch up to a 24-inch neck. Just the same, if you are concerned, you can always order a size up. If it turns out you measured wrong, you can always make an easy return.

Wrapping Up

The Artful Canine Collar does not bring many new things to the table, though it does bring a fresh twist to the regular commercial dog collar.

Though the collars may come from a small pet shop, the quality of the materials and vibrant colors bring a sense of style and comfort to your dog. Make sure to double-check your dog's neck measurements, choose your favorite color (or several), and see what you think.

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