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The Igloo Sportsman 55-Qt Cooler

The Igloo Sportsman is a powerfully capable cooler that's also a great bargain. If you're interested in a cooler which is nearly indestructible and which has a massive capacity, the Sportsman will be right up your alley. Customers hunting for a bargain will also be pleased with the Sportsman, especially if they love to hunt and fish over the course of long trips.

About the Product

The Sportsman 55-Qt Cooler is 31 x 17.5 x 18.2 inches, meaning that it's a plus-size cooler that will be more than sufficient for an entire week's haul during an extended hunting or fishing trip.

Complete with a bottom-emptying drain for melted ice, the Sportsman is heavy-duty, extremely sturdy, and comes in a variety of colors to suit your personal aesthetic. This also means that the Sportsman is not necessarily suited for applications where portability is the most important.

However, if you're looking for a valuable addition to your cooling infrastructure which you want to last for a lifetime, you don't need to look any further than the Igloo Sportsman.

What We Like Best

There's a lot of good things to say about the Sportsman, but we think that three of its properties are the most impressive. The Sportsman's most remarkable features are its:

  • Price
  • Latches
  • Sturdiness

The price of the Sportsman makes it a great bargain, especially when taking its sturdiness into consideration. In short, if you purchase the Sportsman as your primary recreational cooler, you won't need to buy another cooler so long as you don't need any additional capacity. At most vendors, you should be able to purchase the Sportsman for less than $200.

The durability and quality of the latches on the Sportsman are up to the same par as the rest of the unit. Subsequently, you won't need to worry about your latches falling apart when they get old. The plastic will weather exposure to the sun and the elements like no other cooler on the market.

The sturdiness of the primary cooling container is also impressive. The latches form an airtight seal with the plastic of the box, meaning that the unit can remain cool for long periods without the infusion of additional ice.

Likewise, the exterior of the cooler will not crack in response to light blows, meaning that the overall level of insulation provided by the cooler will not be compromised over a history of aggressive usage.

If you're prone to treating your coolers roughly, the Sportsman will withstand more or less anything that you throw at it. The only thing to remember is that the paint of the Sportsman can endure a lot of punishment without compromising the cooler's ability to keep your fish and game fresh.

The Igloo brand also backs the Sportsman with an impressive lifetime warranty for issues arising from the manufacturing of the cooler. This means that when you buy the Igloo Sportsman Cooler, you're purchasing it for life.

What We Don't Like

While the Sportsman is an excellent choice for a cooler, there are a few things about it which we don't like. First, the cooler's handles are plastic, meaning that they are more susceptible to snap in comparison to rope handles. This means that you may need to take extra care while loading the cooler with the most massive loads.

Similarly, the Sportsman is a heavy cooler. You can easily pick it up when it is empty with one person, but if you fill the cooler up with a lot of heavy meat, you may need help.

The other thing we don't like about the Sportsman is the no-slip feet, which are attached to the bottom of the cooler. While these feet work to prevent the cooler from sliding around the back of your vehicle, they are also easy to peel off by accident if you treat the cooler roughly.

We fully stand behind the Igloo brand and the Sportsman, but we think that you deserve to know what we think would make the cooler better. Critically, we don't feel that these issues with the Sportsman make it a bad cooler. We also don't believe that these issues should disqualify anyone from choosing to purchase the Sportsman.

The Igloo Sportsman was named one of our picks for the best coolers

Cooling Off

Holistic Health Extension - Chicken & Rice Large Breed Dry Dog FoodThe Sportsman's high-quality and low-cost make it an attractive option for many different cooling niches. Without a doubt, the Sportsman is a worthy entry into Igloo's fantastic band lineup.

Igloo's 70-year long corporate history is nothing to undervalue. If you're still skeptical about the quality of Igloo's products, read up on their business practices to learn more about how they deliver inexpensive and sturdy products to their customers.

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