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Turner Bikes Cyclosys

Finding the perfect bike is hard. Whether for casual weekend use or as a means of reliable travel, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of available options. And if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, some manufacturers will take advantage, cutting manufacturing corners and outsourcing parts and labor overseas.

Turner Bikes is a small company based out of Murrieta, California, specializing in handmade bikes that are not like what other companies are producing. For instance, the Cyclosys is a road bike, but with a twist that includes improved performance and off-road capability components.

Plus, Turner Bikes is a purely American company that builds their bikes using parts manufactured in the USA. Let’s dive a little deeper into the company, and then we’ll take a closer look at the Cyclosys 1.0.

About Turner Bikes

Turner Bikes has been in business since 1994. They specialize in suspension bikes that are meant to be ridden hard. And the best part about that is that they are built to last.

On the Turner Bikes Facebook page, they discuss how they got into business to build bikes that they want to ride themselves. They make robust bikes that don’t need constant repairs. Overall, the bikes they produce are an excellent example of what top-tier American craftsmanship can create.

Turner Bikes is based out of California. They locally source all parts and labor from American sources to build the best bikes possible. They’re a solid choice, especially if you’re looking for attractive hybrid bike models like the Cyclosys 1.0.

So, if you’re looking for a performance bike you can customize, Turner Bikes may be the solution. While they only offer a limited range, you only need a couple of models when they’re some of the best on the market. For example, the Cyclosis is a fine-tuned machine for racing, road biking, and off-road riding.

What We Like Best

  • Large selection of colors and sizes
  • Fine-tuned responsiveness
  • Tread tires built of off-road performance
  • Fork and frame are lightweight
  • Improved stability with its custom tube shape

The Cyclosys 1.0 is a hybrid road bike built for racing and street performance. It was designed to bridge categories instead of staying within the limitations of only one. This approach makes it an exciting choice and appealing for everyday biking enthusiasts that like to hit the trails on the weekends.

Turner Bikes put a lot of testing and experimentation into the process when designing the Cyclosys. They’ve really thought of every detail, making it a balanced ride for dirt roads and gravel, while maintaining its responsiveness on paved roads and bike paths.

All in all, we’re impressed with the performance of the Cyclosys. It’s more responsive than most gravel-racers and performs on almost any trail, road, or surface. It’s balanced in a way most bikes are not, making it an excellent all-around bike.

We also love that this bike is manufactured and built entirely in the USA. The Cyclosys showcases what American craftsmanship is capable of by seeing to every detail. It has the frame of a road bike but with some minor off-road enhancements that make it top-tier.

The Cyclosys features an aluminum frame 6061 T6 and sold traction tires. It’s lightweight and features a TRP carbon fork for maintaining speed during a race, with the rest of its tube set made from aluminum built in a custom shape.

For instance, the top tube is subtly shaped to spread the load in the shoulder area, improving performance over even surfaces while at the same time offering stability on bumps and rocky surfaces. This enhancement, while slight, truly sets the Cyclosys apart from traditional road bikes.

The Turner Bikes Cyclosys was named one of our picks for the Best American Made Bikes

What We Don't Like

  • Upgrades raise the price point substantially
  • Their website is somewhat tricky to navigate

Turner Bikes is a specialized company that produces a minimal range of bikes. They work out of only a single location in Murrieta, California, and unless you live in that area, you’re going to have to pay for shipping and other related expenses if you want one of their bikes.

While their customer service is responsive and helpful, they currently only offer two different models on their web store, the All Road TI and the Cyclosys. Of course, if you have your mind set on a Turner Bike, this may not be an issue, but the more you upgrade and customize your bike, the more the price point is going to go up.

Many of the upgrades and customizations are pricey and may raise the price beyond what you’re willing to pay. For this reason, Turner Bikes are primarily for serious bike riders, whether you’re into racing, mountain biking, or just prefer to take your bike around town rather than driving.

If you’re interested in a Turner Bike, it’s critical that you examine all of the enhancements, large and small, to determine if it’s worth it for how you plan to ride. Overall, getting a Cyclosys is an investment for serious riders. Casual riders need not apply.

Wrapping Up

Turner Biks Cyclosis

Turner Bikes is an excellent company if you’re looking for a performance bike. They are based out of Murrieta, California and source all of their parts and labor from within the United States. Their bikes are custom-built by hand by passionate people who ride their bikes.

The Cyclosis is an excellent example of American-made craftsmanship. It’s a unique hybrid road bike with enhancements for off-road capabilities. It features an aluminum frame with a carbon fork, making it lightweight while still able to maintain speed when racing.

Its tube set is a custom shape you won’t find anywhere else, designed to spread the shoulder load for enhanced performance. It also has tread tires so that it can handle gravel and bumps like an off-road bike.

Overall, the Cyclosis is one of the best bikes on the market. The only downside is the price that can add up quickly the more upgrades you get. That said, if you’re looking for a fantastic all-around bike, the Cyclosis is a real winner.

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