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Up Country Collars Review

What’s the first thing people look for when they find a dog without an owner nearby? Nobody looks for scars or one of those ear tattoos that some of the more rock ‘n roll dogs have. We look first for a collar. You have probably uttered a version of this sentence at some point in your life: “He’s got a collar, so it’s not like he’s a stray.” Right?

Dog collars serve multiple purposes. They allow for a leash when you walk your dog, they tell the world your dog has someone who takes care of him, and they can house an ID tag that will inform whoever looks at it where that dog belongs. And some of the most stylish and durable ones are being made in Rhode Island by Up Country.

About Up Country

Up Country has been making collars for almost four decades, all the while producing quality products that make dogs and their owners happy. The company makes all sorts of collars, and in addition to giving you options for the type of collar that works best for you and your dog, they’ve got some pretty stylish choices, too.

That’s probably the most significant selling point for Up Country, too. The number of designs is kind of staggering. With more than 100 (and, presumably, counting) designs available, you could put a different collar on your dog every week and still get to the end of a calendar year without repeating anything and without having used all the available choices.

While we’re looking at Up Country’s ribbon collars, the company also makes harnesses, martingale collars, and leashes, all made with durable materials for high-quality products. All of these options allow you to keep your pet on a leash without worrying about him escaping, and they provide a place for the all-important ID tag.

Let’s face it-- your dog is a dog, so at some point, he’s going to get himself lost and into trouble. Knowing that the ID tag is attached to a sturdy product allows for some peace of mind while you hunt for Rover since you know that neither the collar nor the ID tag is going to fall off of him while he’s on his walkabout.

What We Like Best

  • Six sizes available
  • Cast hardware
  • Coast Guard approved buckles
  • Made in the USA
  • Supports canine-related charities
  • Over 100 design options

What’s not to love about Up Country Collars? With the six available sizes-- each collar adjustable-- you’ll have a tough time finding a dog that doesn’t fit in one of these. Whether you’ve got a Chihuahua or a big, lumbering St. Bernard, there’s an Up Country collar for you. Okay, sure, your six-week-old teacup poodle might be a tad too small, but she’s six weeks old, and you’re not about to put her on a leash now, right? I mean, you’re not a monster.

They even have a sizing chart handy for collars, martingales, harnesses, and even coats and sweaters because that’s a thing. The chart lists the correct size collar depending on your dog’s breed and also provides measurements in inches if your specific dog’s breed isn’t listed.

The hardware on the collars is cast brass, so it won’t fail the first time your dog tries to bolt when he’s on a leash, and the United States Coast Guard approves the Up Country buckles. Those guys know buckles, so if they’re good enough for our armed forces, they’re good enough for your pooch.

Up Country collars are 100% American-made, and the company supports charities that benefit dogs, to boot. So when you buy an Up Country collar, you’re helping your dog as well as others less fortunate than your furry friend.

Variety of Style

The biggest pro for these collars we’ve already mentioned, but it bears repeating. Are you the kind of dog owner who wants a themed collar for every holiday? Up Country has Valentine’s Day hearts, Halloween pumpkins, Hanukkah menorahs, Christmas trees, and for all I know, there’s a May The Fourth Be With You collar (and if there’s not, there should be).

Your dog can rock a Union Jack or Canadian flag collar in addition to the Stars and Stripes you’d expect an American company to offer. There’s also my favorite, a houndstooth pattern that hearkens to my alma mater and the greatest football coach of all time.

The Up Country collar was named one of our picks for the Best Dog Collars.

What We Wish Was Different

  • Price
  • Some intricacy of designs can get lost in the stitching

These are high-quality collars. And we all know you get what you pay for, right? Up Country collars are hand-sewn, so the production costs are slightly higher than those of some mass-produced, lower-quality collars. That means higher consumer costs, so if you decide you need multiple collars for your dog, be prepared to whip out the credit card, as you’re looking at the cost of more than a couple of cups of Starbucks.

The hand-stitched designs are adorable, but some customers do voice concern over the more intricate designs not looking quite right because they’re just too complex for the space they have available to them. Of course, this applies much more to the tinier collars. The collar you buy for your Rhodesian Ridgeback probably has enough room for a tapestry because that’s a big dog.

Wrapping Up

When you care for your dog the way most of us care for our dogs, we want the best for them. Not all dogs will love wearing a collar, but most dog owners recognize the importance of having one on their pups. We demand quality stuff, and we want durable collars that can withstand our dogs’ dog-ness while looking nice and not getting all ratty and torn up.

Enter Up Country. These American-made collars are sturdy and offer so many different designs that if you can’t find one you like, you haven’t looked enough.

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