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Viking 5-Ply 10 Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Sometimes you jive with a set of cookware, and other times you buy some, and you find that they don’t live up to expectation. We think you’ll have a hard time not falling in love with this 10-piece set of stainless steel cookware from Viking.

Viking sets the industry standard when it comes to cookware, they have an exceptional reputation, and almost all of their kitchen gear is dishwasher safe, so it makes it easy to clean and maintain.

In this review, we’re taking a look at the Viking 5-Ply 10-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set to see if this is something you’ll want to add to your kitchen arsenal.

About The Viking 5-Ply 10 Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set

This set comes with an 8 inch and 10-inch frying pan, a 2 and 3-quart stockpot, and a 3.4 quart saute pan. The incredible 5-ply construction allows heat to transfer faster, which helps your meat and veggies cook more evenly, and it helps the pan reach maximum temperature faster.

All the gear in this set is safe in the oven up to 600 degrees, and you can use it on all cooktops, which includes induction heating.

An interesting feature that we like too is that these pots come with interior markings that tell you how much liquid or food you’ve put into the pots. It makes measuring easy and takes an extra step out of the process if you’re cooking for a lot of people or you catch yourself in a pinch for time.

As with a lot of the high-quality cooking gear, this set from Viking comes with stay-cool handles that are ergonomically designed to make gripping and balancing easy and safe. You can take these pans directly from the stovetop and transfer them to the oven without having to move the product from inside to another pan.

Finally, all of the gear is dishwasher safe and made in the USA. They offer a lifetime warranty on each piece in the set, so you know they’re confident in their product.

Professional 5-Ply Construction

We wanted to take a moment and talk about what the 5-ply construction means for you. They use a mixture of metals that maximizes heat transfer and limits the amount of energy needed to heat the metal. Each layer is durable and efficient, as well.

The outer layer here is magnetic stainless that makes it suitable for all cooktops. The inner three layers help everything heat evenly and transfer through all portions of the pots and pans. The interior stainless is non-reactive and non-porous, which makes it easy to clean and cook on.

Why Viking?

So, why would someone want to choose Viking products over some of the competitors? One of the main reasons is because you would be choosing the same cookware that the professionals use in their kitchens all over the world. Viking is at the forefront of innovation, and since they started 25 years ago, they have maintained a reputation for creating high-quality cookware for the modern chef.

What We Like Best

  • Quick and even heating
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Oven, broiler, and grill safe
  • “Stay cool” handles

There’s a lot to like about the appearance and design of this stainless steel cookware set, but it would all be nothing if they didn’t cook properly. The 5-ply construction ensures that everything cooks perfectly through and that your pans heat up quickly to save time and energy.

One of the best features of stainless steel is that you can put them in the dishwasher, and since these are all stainless, you can transfer them directly from your stove or oven into the dishwasher for easy cleanup.

The stay-cool handles on these products are great as well because they’re comfortable to hold in your hand, they prevent slipping or dropping, and you can move your food around the kitchen without having to use an oven mitt or towel which can lead to accidents as well.

The Viking 5-Ply 10 Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set was named one of our picks for the Best Cookware Made in the USA

What We Don't Like

It’s not too often that we can’t find a single problem with a product review, but this set from Viking is awesome. Overall, it satisfies all our needs. The set comes with plenty of products, they’re made with durable stainless steel, they’re dishwasher safe, non-slip, cool to hold, and they come with a lifetime warranty.

Wrapping Up

Viking Cookware set

Sometimes you find those products that just work, and when you purchase them, you wonder how you’ve ever lived without them. Many chefs and home cooks feel that way after they buy this 10-piece set from Viking. Give them a try for yourself and see if you agree.

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